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Sistema Homoluden Seminar London 2013 Part two...


In this second article on the recent Alex Kostic seminar in London I would like to discuss his approach to kicking, which is very different to anything seen in Systema.


Like many things in his method it is truly eclectic being based on the kicking methods of Slaviano-Goretskaya Borba, Thai boxing, Korean Hapkido as taught to him by master Wong of Toronto and Alex’s own approach to producing methods that work in chaotic full contact fights with multiple opponents.


Again the was emphasis of footwork, efficient use of mechanics and being able to kick at any angle.  This was very far from anything I had seen in Systema, but for anyone wanting an effective method of taking the fight to an opponent trying to stay out of range is essential no matter where he got the ideas.


Like punches movements that delivered kicks with the foot could be shortened to use the shin or knee.  Also spinning movements were used so that large areas could be cleared of attackers if they were to surround you.


In this video lesson Alex is teaching the use of the knee and how the hip has to be opened up by turning the lead foot outwards slightly before swinging the leg through.  Later on this very same movement was used to produce a front kick to that was blindingly fast and incredibly heavy when it hit because the leg was completely relaxed and thrown from the body by its movement.




One interesting kick from Slaviano-Goretskaya Borba is one that I have been taught by Vladimir Vasiliev in early 2000.  During this period his work reflected a number of Russian schools including ROSS, Skobar, Kadochnikov Systema and many more.  This kick is performed by leaning forwards and flicking your heel upwards as if to kick yourself in the buttocks.  In Vlad’s version we used to use it if held leaning against a wall with our attacker behind us and in the way Alex showed us it could be used to kick an attacker in the back as we moved to their side.


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