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Train Fast, Fight Fast Systema Seminar Footage


Last Sunday I got out in the woods for a Systema seminar with a difference. Bringing together the influences of a number of different Systema schools together with my own ides on how to train martial arts effectively I took a group of students, many with no previous Systema experience to be able to work at full speed in one 6 hour session.



Yes, their work needs refinement and their knowledge of the principles that underpin what we do is still pretty shallow and yet there is no way around it these guys were using what they had learnt, full speed against people genuinely trying to hit them.



So this has left me wondering what can be achieved with the three days of intensive training I will be giving to the students in our first international seminar on the 9th, 10th and 11th of November 2013 in Limoges, France.


This event for me is a really exciting opportunity to see how much knowledge and performance I can squeeze into people during such an extended period of teaching. We shall be learning to use Systema full speed in ways that I have only seen the IZVOR school achieve.   


I definately want to say thanks to everyone that turned out not knowing what to expect at such an event.  There was a really interesting bunch of people from a number of different martial arts schools from all over the North of England and the Isle of Man.


For those that missed the outdoor seminar I have recorded it and produced it as the Train Fast, Fight Fast video download. 


Taken from the video this clip shows instructors and students (many of whom have never studied Systema before) using Systema principles to effectively deal with full speed attacks. This was achieved with only one days training using a combination of methods and material for different Russian Martial Art sources.




Over 1 hour 20 minutes of detailed instruction takes you on a journey from the theory of structure breaking and movement, the use of stances in different Russian Systema Schools and how to take this knowledge and use to defend yourself against full speed attacks. 




For more information on buying this exciting new video download check it out in the Combat Lab Systema Shop.