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Movement and Low Acrobatic Sessions

We have been lucky enough to secure some space at Manchester University for some additional weekday sessions.  These are going to be used to focus on movement drills and practicing Systema Low Acrobatics.  

The reason for spending so much time on these exercises is that they are key to really understanding Systema and how our bodies can move.  They also take a certain amount of repetition to master. 

This video is footage shot at the first of these new sessions. As you can see  in the clip one session of intelligent repetion can make massive improvements in a students rolling.  



Over the next few months we will continue polishing our movement in these sessions so if you are a regular at either of our groups and have a little free time during the week drop me a message and I will let you know when the next session is.


For information on how we study to use Systema at speed check out our video lesson Move Fast Fight Fast to see how to take your Systema to the next level.

Also available from the Combat Lab Shop are ebooks and video lessons that explain the scientific principles that make Systema work.