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The complete guide to sports nutrition by Anita Bean



The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition – By Anita Bean

When I finally realised that my lack of knowledge about nutrition was severely hampering my development as a martial artist and negatively affecting my health I turned to a number of diet and nutrition books to research exactly what I should be eating.  This book is by far the best of the ones I have read.

Not only does it explode the myths behind many of the fashionable diets it explains in easy to understand language exactly what any Sports person or in my opinion martial artist should know about food and how it can affect our performance.

The chapter on supplements was a refreshing change from the usual advertisement copy, rehashed from research carried out by people hoping to make money by selling you the latest guaranteed short cut to health and happiness.  As was the chapter on fat loss and weight cutting that explains exactly what to do to lose weight while minimising the loss of muscle and performance.  This has given me solid information on how to make weight for BJJ competition, without depleting energy levels stored in the form of glycogen and forms the information that I use to choose what I eat on a day to day basis.

In short this book is well worth the read if you want to improve your health or performance. 

Anita Bean BSc, R.Nutr is a registered nutritionist whose practical style has made her one of the UK's most respected nutrition writers . She is a former bodybuilding champion, a strong advocate of an active lifestyle and, in recognition of her contribution to the fitness industry, has received three achievement awards in sports nutrition. She has worked with several celebrities and Olympic athletes, and more recently with swimmers.