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Combat Lab Introduces Sparring

The idea of sparring in Systema and other Russian Martial Arts Schools sounds very alien in the West and yet it is a common practice in many of the most influential Russian Schools.

Buza, Skobar, ROSS, IZVOR and Sibirskiy Viun aresome of the many schools that embrace full contact training at some point for their students and these schools even come together and compete in full contact bouts where the duration is limited and the action is all out.

This is very different from boxing and MMA matches where fighters have the time to feel out the opponent’s defence for a while before finding their weakness.  

My old friend Alexander Kostic was the first person in my study of RMA to introduce me to a form of sparring with his multiple opponent fist fighting and recently I have also had the good fortune to study IZVOR under Michael Grudev where student do a variety of sparring drills alongside the more familiar Systema style training.

For this reason we have started working on sparring.  It certainly is not pretty and we have plenty to tighten up including reducing the size of our movements, but I believe we are heading in the right direction for a our small group.




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