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Strength in 3 planes I introduce you to the Slosh Tube


The purpose of this article is to explain the concept of 3 planes, how it relates to core strength and a training methodology that makes use of a tube partially filled with water that will develop strength in all 3 planes.


What are the 3 planes

The bodies movements can be divided into planes and axis of rotation. All movements are in a combination of these planes and it is important that we develop strength in all of them or we will be unbalanced.  The first plane is the horizontal plane.  It runs horizontally through us as if we had been cut in half by a sheet of glass.  The second plane runs vertically from front to back directly through the vertical axis that runs straight up the centre of our bodies and is called the sagittal plane.  The last plane runs vertically from left to right side and crosses the sagittal plane at the vertical axis.



So why work all 3 planes of movement

In the fitness industry it has long been recognised that core strength and incorporating exercises that challenge it in all three planes of movement are essential for developing an injury resistant and efficient athlete.  Otherwise we are forming weak points within our kinetic chain and this could lead to postural defects, injury or the athlete not reaching their full potential.

A number of pieces of equipment have been popularised including kettlebells and club bells that make use of multiple planes within their exercises.  However for the sheer fun and challenge that it creates the home made Sloosh tube has to be my favourite piece of equipment.  So what is this marvel of the homemade gym?


The Slosh tube

The Slosh tube (aka the sloosh tube) is constructed out of a length of sealed down pipe that is partially filled with water.  This video clip from Youtube demonstrates how to create your own tube.  As a word of caution until the design is comprehensively tested use it outdoors to prevent a messy accident if the pipe decided to leak.




Many traditional weight training exercises can be modified by using the tube.  As the water moves from end to end within the tube the weight shifts making it one of the most unstable pieces of gym equipment you can use.  Remember instability develops a strong core and that is a primary goal of anyone strength training for anything other than hypertrophy.  In this clip I demonstrate some exercises I use to challenge my core stability with the slosh tube in all three planes of motion.