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Mad Busy... or Just Plain Mad?

At the end of a few mad busy months I have just got back from my final international seminar of 2015. This time I taught at the Systema Helmond School in the Netherlands.  The schedule of training and teaching has pushed my physical reserves and and left me more than a little worn out, but it was worth it.

Since September 2015 I have spent a week in Moscow and taught 4 seminars, wich were in Holland, Switzerland and France.  Every seminar was different and has surprised me at how diverse the people are interested in my teaching methods.  Security personel, Police officers, instructors from various Systema schools and other non-Russian martial arts have all turned up to see what Combat Lab is about and from the feedback I am getting they have all found the experience very rewarding.

Next year will be even bigger and I know that I will need to organise things better as I have some really big things to plan.  To help me do this please email me early so that we can start to schedule next years seminars.  I will be taking bookings on a first come first served basis.

Again thanks to all the hosts and participants this year. Without you none of these seminars would have happened.  

If you wonder what goes on during one of our seminars check out this video shot during the Helmond seminar.  





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