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Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual

Learning to teach the Russian way





Teaching martial arts is a skill like any other.  It can be taught and with a little honest practice anyone can learn how to teach effectively.  


What I like about the Russian style is that it makes use of many different cutting edge ideas to ensure that students develop quickly an individualised method of self defence based on common principles and movement patterns. 


Anyone who has attended one of my seminars will know that the thing that really stands out is how I teach.  Students are literally given now way to not improve their martial skill so long as they follow with the program of the session.  This unfortunately is unique in martial arts.  We can all think of people who are training now in exactly the same way they were 5 or even 10 years ago.  They literally have not improved despite investing large sums of money and time on seminars and classes were all they walked away with was entertainment.


This is unnecessary.  The best instructors in Russia do not let this happen and they use teaching techniques that literally alter the parts of the brain that the students in their class use while learning. 


All this fits in with current scientific research into the field of learning and proves that the Russian style teaching methods could not only be used for teaching Systema, but other arts too.  I know of one Bujinkan club that has great success teaching its students how to use a traditional martial art in a practical manner simply by following our drills and lesson progressions. 


I want you to be able to do this too and over the last two years I have researched with the best sources I could find and written the Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual.  This is more than an eBook.  It is a monster work of Biomechanical theory, instructional techniques, lesson plans and direction on how you can become a skilled martial arts instructor. 


Ultimately it will be the gateway to skills that will allow students on the pathway to become a certified Combat Lab instructor. To find out more about this exciting manual check it out in the Combat Lab shop.  Be quick there is an introductory discount available that won't last long.