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Russian Style Pistol Disarming


This is some footage of the president of the Federation of the Russian Martial Art IZVOR teaching pistol disarming when the weapon is in close contact with the body.  

There are a number of key points to this work:

  • There is a greater chance of disarming a pistol if it it is within reach or against your body.
  • Work from the position you find yourself in.  Taking a ready stance will get you killed.
  • If they are making threats and using the weapon to gain complience they have not yet made a concious decission to kill you even if that is their end goal.  If you move smoothly and in a non-threatening way you can remove the weapon before they realise what you are doing.
  • Avoid the line of attack by matching the plane of your body to that of the weapon.
  • Control the weapon.  This is often done by trapping it against the body.
  • Disarm the weapon by using the movement of your body.




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