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First Combat Lab seminar of 2017 a success




Last weekend I taught my first seminar of 2017 in Limoges, France.  Over 40 students quickly filled the gym for two days of exploring the approach we use to teach the Russian martial art often called Systema in the West in a scientific and effective manner.


Martial artists from Savate, Western boxing, Taichi, Aunkai and Systema joined up with several people new to martial arts at the dojo Buchilien for two days of humour, hard work and camaraderie. 



This video was shot during the first day where we looked at structure breaking within the context of the clinch.  Principles such as the triangle, hard clutch, force couples, the use of the 45° and rotating the opponent with a screw through the planes of movement were taught before building up resistance during a progression of exercises and light sparring sessions.







Next month I will be teaching a seminar in Chorley, UK on the 12th February 2017 at the Astley Village Community Centre.  To get more details and reserve your spot please contact the organiser Alan Lock.







To learn much more about studying Systema and our training approach  that develops realistic skills using the Russian style please read our articles and educational material in the Combat Lab Shop