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Learn this simple takedown

Last article I mentioned using a spiral to rotate a person through all three planes of movement to perform a takedown. As a principle it is everywhere in Russian Martial Arts styles such as Systema, ROSS and IZVOR. 


This video example is from the ROSS school originally taught to me by its founder General Alexander Retuinskih. 





Honestly Alexander is an encyclopaedia of martial knowledge. Judo black belt, master of sport in Sambo, early instructor of the Kadochnikov Systema school Alexander has researched and structured information from the many fighting styles found in Russia and beyond into a school called ROSS. 


Luckily we do not have to visit Russia to train with this great teacher. He is in Scotland and France later this year so if getting beyond a shallow knowledge of the Russian martial arts is you goal I can not recommend these seminars enough.


The first is on the 6th and 7th October 2018 at the Hybrid Combat Academy, 5 Dornoch Street, Glasgow, Scotland G402QT. It is £80 for two days training. Book your place using this link.


The second seminar is on the 13th and 14th October 2018 in Paris, France. This will be a unique opportunity to train with both Alexander Retuinskih and Systema Homoluden's founder Alexander Kostic. For full booking details see the poster below.







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