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Why do I teach principles?



We have been looking at some of the examples of the spiral principle we use at Combat Lab. This takedown rotates the opponent to the rear through all three planes of movement causing them to lose balance and collapse to the floor. 







By blocking the hip using a screwing motion of the arm the are also prevented from moving their feet back under their centre mass and this means that even if we were not hitting the three planes at some point they would have to fall because their centre mass would have been taken beyond the base of support sufficiently. 


I know for some of you that last description would have sound a little too technical, but without this basic knowledge we have no way of effectively learning Systema or any other martial art without simply copying blindly techniques we see being performed. 


This video I shot a long time ago, but I think it effectively explains why we need to know exactly why we do techniques a certain way to be able to learn effectively.







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