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Combat Lab Instructor Development Seminar a success.




I have just come back from teaching my second instructor development seminar in Limoges, France. This time we focused on the subject of striking and looked to give the students the tools they needed to develop and ultimately teach this important topic. 


Along with this subject we looked at some of the basic material we teach in Combat Lab including Systema low acrobatics, the principles that underpin the Russian style and how this can be used to produce a practical approach to self defence.


Hopefully I will be back in France soon to continue this process. The Combat Lab snowball is starting to gather pace and is producing some skilled individuals and a great community. If you want to be involved or begin the process of becoming a Combat Lab instructor by hosting your own events drop me an email.


In this video I look at using boxing gloves to allow a more honest approach to training and how stance is important when trying to apply Systema to a real attack is important.






To learn much more about studying Systema and our training approach  that develops realistic skills using the Russian style please read our articles and educational material in the Combat Lab Shop