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Shooting for the moon


Some students seem never to reach their full potential.  To help you understand why this happens I will give you an explanation for how learning Systema places takes place that Alexander Maksimtov gave me.


Learning Systema is a bit like sending a rocket to the moon.  It takes a lot of energy and fuel to get it off the ground and break free from the Earth’s gravitational field.  If at any point during that stage of the flight the rocket stops it is going to crash back to Earth.

However when it gets beyond the effects of our planets gravity the rocket will stay in space with little or no extra energy being expended.

Systema is the same.  The early stages of training are the most crucial and require the greatest effort to master.  Here you learn the basic coordination and movement patterns that the whole system is built along while gaining a lot of technical information on structure breaking.

As you progress through the different levels of preparation you are less likely to lose your abilities.  Alexander Maksimtov said that by the third level most people have progressed far enough that a lay off from training will not be too detrimental for your development because you can almost pick up from where you left off.

It is therefore important that we find ways of maintaining our level in the early stages of development through regular attendance at class and solo training.   I hope this is food for thought for those who miss class and wonder why they seem to be going backwards.