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Systema Low Acrobatics - Rolling Backwards Off A Log Or Bench


Systema teaches a number of methods of falling from or crossing objects as part of its low acrobatics curriculum.   Falling backwards off a bench or log is one of those methods.


It Is All Systema Principles

Remember that all low acrobatic movements follow three key principles. 

1.       Low angle – We try to hit the floor at the lowest angle possible.


2.       Make contact with soft parts – We avoid hitting the floor with                        

          joints and the spine in favour of muscular areas such as the



3.       Exhale as you move towards the floor and inhale as we stand –

          We collapse our structure as we contact the floor by exhaling. 

          This reduces the force of the collision on our internal organs and

          makes balling up for a roll easier.


Check out this free video lesson to see exactly how this applies to falling backwards off a log or low bench.