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Systema Low Acrobatics - Rolling Backwards Off A Picnic Bench



To follow on from my last article on Systema low acrobatics and Systema Biomechanics I would like to teach you to roll backwards off a picnic bench.


The Steering Wheel

One good reason for rolling off benches is that it helps us to learn to travel in a straight line.  To do this we remember that our direction of travel is a 90° to the axis of our outstretched arms and shoulders.  That is why they are kept parallel to the edge we are rolling off as our back touches the bench.

On the Edge

The next thing to consider is the position of our shoulders compared to the edge of the table.  We ideally need to be close enough to roll off the bench, but must not have the axis of the shoulders beyond the edge.  If we were to do this we would fall head first off the bench when our legs come over the top of us.

In this lesson from Combat Camp 2012 I teach a group of students to roll backwards over a picnic bench. 



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