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Systema Low Acrobatics - Rolling Forwards Over A Picnic Bench



Continuing the theme of scientific movement over objects I would like to look at performing a forward roll over a bench.


The basic concepts are exactly the same as performing a roll on the floor.  We have to make contact with the surface of the bench using soft parts of the body and roll around the axis of the shoulders. 

A common mistake that people often make when they first start performing this roll is that they do not have their arms out at 90° to their desired direction of travel.  This causes them to veer off the side of the bench during the roll.  For that reason I think it is essential to ensure they can roll in a straight line on the floor before you let your students start rolling on benches or other obstacles.   

As with all front rolls it is important to roll on the soft parts of the shoulders, back and thighs.  Otherwise you are likely to hit your spine or the bony protrusions of the pelvis during the roll and risk injury.

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