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Offensive Low Acrobatics - 'The Ape Step' and 'Undercuts'


When I first visited the Toronto Systema School of Vladimir Vasiliev one of his students used a movement unlike anything that Vladimir was teaching.  This that day I have never seen this movement taught in any Systema Vasiliev class and wrongly I believed it to not be from Systema. 


The Mystery Move

What is this mystery movement and where does it come from?

The first time I saw it I was sparring with one of Vladimir’s students.  I remember throwing a series of round house kicks to his thigh.  As the second of these was about to hit home he dropped to the floor in a spinning movement and swept my legs from under me. This movement was so different from everything else I had seen at the club.  Wrongly I assumed it was something he had picked up in his travels and I decided to not ask any questions about it.

In over 12 years of studying with both the Vasiliev and Ryabko Schools I saw nothing to convince me otherwise than the mystery technique was not a part of Systema until I started to study Systema Kadochnikova in 2011.

The next time I saw this movement was when I was asking the head of the Ukrainian branch of Kadochnikov Systema School about a series of techniques on his syllabus.  One of these was the undercut.  He quickly asked his student Andri to perform them and he dropped to the floor in the same manner as I had seen in Toronto spinning to perform a series of sweeps.

In this clip I am going to teach you how to perform the undercut and another movement that is no longer taught within the Vasiliev and Ryabko Systema Schools.  However though they do not teach this movements it does not make them any less useful because they make movement on the floor an offensive tactic and not simply a method of falling or rolling away.


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