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Systema Offensive Low Acrobatics - The Bicycle

The bicycle is another basic Systema Low Acrobatic movement that can be used offensively.  In this video lesson I teach the mechanics of how to perform the bicycle and then show some applications for how it can be integrated into your offensive Systema low acrobatics.


The Bicycle

This is more than simply rolling along the floor, whilst sticking your legs out in front of you, one at a time.  To perform this movement correctly you need to understand that the movement is generated by your legs being swung past your centre line.  When this is done they exert sufficient leverage to rotate your body around the axis of its spine.

In this video lesson pay attention to how the leg is swept back from the hip and not simply stamped outwards.  The reason for this swing is because it is the most natural movement for the leg to make and it propels the movement of the roll.

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