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Using The Systema Principle 'Angled Plane' To Deflect A Stamp On The Floor

Following on from my last article and video lesson I would like to look at how to use the Systema Biomechanical Principle ‘Angled Plane’ can be used to deflect stamps when on the floor.


A Little Theory

Remember Newton’s first law of motion.  If an object experiences no net force, then its velocity is constant: the object is either at rest (if its velocity is zero), or it moves in a straight line with constant speed (if its velocity is nonzero). 

In plain English an object will not move until a force is applied to it and it will continue moving in a uniform manner until another force is applied to it.  Take the example of a cannon ball shot out of a cannon.  It would continue flying in a straight line if it were not for the effects of gravity and friction from the air that slow it down and cause it to fall back towards earth.

A punch or a kick is no different to this cannon ball.  Unless another force is applied to it the punch or in the case of this video lesson stamp will continue to travel towards its destination.


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