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Using The Systema Principle 'Angled Plane' To Deflect A Roundhouse Kick

In the last Systema blog and video lesson we looked at how an angled plane can be used to deflect a linear strike and applied this to the situation where an attacker is stomping on you when you are on the floor.  In this article and video lesson I want to show how the same principle can also be used to deflect circular strikes such as the Thai or roundhouse kick.


If you have not already read the last article on the angled plane and watched the video lesson where I teach the theory and demonstrate how it can be used to deflect a stomping or stamping kick when we are on the floor please do that before checking out this video lesson.  The reason I say that is the basic theory needs to be understood before you start to look at application.  It is this approach to studying Systema that differs so much from the way I learnt Systema Vasiliev and why my students are able to quickly identify and rectify any problems with the way they work. 

Though some learn well by simply watching, experiencing and trying it is essential that instructors should cater for all learning styles and that most definitely includes people who require information and theory.

A Little Theory

Remember that the longer a plane is the shallower its angle is and the less force that your body has to absorb from the blow.  This is one reason why the earlier in the opponent’s attack we meet the kick the less effort we have to make to deflect it past the target it was aimed at.

 In this video lesson you will see how an angled plane can be used to deflect a Thai style round kick to the head when sat on the floor, but the principle is the same if we were standing.  I will also show you how the length of the plane can be increased to lessen the force that you feel in the deflecting arm and what to do to form a plane when using your arms is not an option.

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