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What Is The Systema Position Safe?

In Systema Kadochnikova they have a position on the floor called, ‘Position Safe’, but what is this position and its purpose?


How To Perform Systema Position Safe


In most Systema classes if you ask a student to demonstrate working on the floor they will calmly lay down with their back flat on the floor and make little or no attempt at protecting their vital organs or head.  For the purposes of self defence this is obviously crazy and very far from what someone should do in this situation.

In Systema Kadochinkova they teach students position safe.  This is designed to be a more efficient position to move and fight back from.  It also forms part of performing a front roll correctly because it stops you smashing the bony protrusions on the back of your pelvis into the floor as you roll and gives you a number of options including standing or transitioning to a roll in a different direction.

Position safe has a number of key points:

  • You are on your side and not laying with your back flat on the floor. This prevents your neck becoming tense from looking up at your opponent.
  • You have you bottom arm outstretched on the floor, palm down so that you can pick objects up from the floor.
  • Your Bottom leg is bent so that the muscles around the knee bunch up protecting it if the joint is stood on.The top leg is also bent, but is raised off the floor so that you can parry and kick out with the foot or use the leverage that extending the leg from this position to change your position on the floor.
  • Your top arm is raises and bent ready to parry any attack.  The arm should not be tense.

In this Systema video lesson I teach the forwards Roll or somersault into position safe before teaching the students the correct method of standing. 


The teaching method I use has the students walking out on their hands to encourage them to roll further away from their feet so that a shallow angle is achieved.  This and other teaching methods for low acrobatics are described in detail in my latest ebook, ‘The Encyclopaedia of Systema Drills.’ 


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