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Learning to Operate Your Own Life



Live as you want to, and not as you expect from others. It does not matter, to justify their expectations you or not ... You will die without them. And your victory you will achieve’ - Alexander Maksimtsov 



This simple statement caught my eye when it was first posted by my Systema Kadochnikova Instructor, Alexander Maksimtsov on his Facebook page.  To many people wether intentionally or not try to control our lives and how we live it.  


Systema has four stages of learning in this order:


  1. Learn to operate your body
  2. Learn to operate an object
  3. Learn to operate an opponent
  4. Learn to operate your life


It is no surprise that the last of these, ‘Operate your life’ is the most important of all of these, but how can we make sure we are in control of ourselves?


If you study Systema you should remove yourself from negative things that influence the way you think as this will ultimately change how you view the world and your place in it.  Too many people spend time with negative people and yet every truly successful person will tell you of the importance of surrounding yourself with only positive people. 



Listening to other’s negative views can drag you down.  However spending time with positive people gives you new ideas, opens you to new possibilities and gives you the inspiration you need to seize control of your own destiny. 


As Hans F Hansen said, “People inspire you, or they drain you.  Pick them wisely. 


So as Alexander Maksimtsov is fond of pointing out stop wasting your time on stupid conversations with stupid people and wasting your time watching television programs that drag you down.  Take control of your own life and make the most of it.


For information on other methods of training Systema check out the ebook, 'The Encyclopaedia of Systema Drills.'