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Troika the Systema Trinity Strike


I first saw the trinity strike when I trained with Vladimir Vasiliev in 1999 and for some time it was a staple of that school.  Often repeated, but with little description as to how the movement should be performed. 

This video lesson teaches you step by step how to perform Trinity strikes and kicks, methods of training their use and how to apply them to different attacks.  

Troika is a common thread through the Russian Style and seen used by most of the teachers I have trained with.  No matter how your instructor uses this devastating attack the theoretical information and the training methods shown in this video will accelerate how quickly you learn to use it and how effective it is.

Attacking someone with a good Trinity strike is like stepping into a blender for the attacker. 



Only 30 minutes long this archived video lesson teaches you exactly what you need to know to make this happen for you.  

At the Price of £6 can you afford not to have this information in your arsenal?



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