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Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual

Learn To Teach Martial Arts The Russian Way.







Do you teach martial arts or aspire to becoming a skilled martial arts instructor?


Combat Lab uses the unique training methods of the Russian style and in-depth research on training methods to bring you this must have eBook.  The result of over 22 years of continual martial arts study and research into how the best martial arts instructors in Russia and beyond teach. This this manual is unlike any other and will take your teaching to the next level. 


With 306 pages covering the theory of the Russian style and how to teach it. This is a unique opportunity to learn expert level instructional skills from one of the most sort after instructors in the West. 



In this manual I will teach you:


       How Russian Martial Arts teachers use rhythm and music to alter how the brain works.


      How to reduce stress and anxiety during sparring by altering the part of the brain being used.


      How to structure lessons so that students are forced to improve.


•       How to structure feedback and debrief lessons to achieve maximum retention.


      How to develop coordination and movement patterns at the heart of the Russian style.


      How the teaching methods of Russian teachers take advantage of the way the brain absorbs information.


      How using a training method that allows students to increase the speed and resistance in training without being overwhelmed. 


      How clear objectives improve learning and allow the quality of lessons to be assessed.


      How to teach students in a non-destructive way to work at real speeds and under pressure.


      How repetition can be hidden and what it does to the brain.


      How to develop explosive movements and power using traditional exercises and equipment.


      How to hit hard and use the principles of biomechanics.




You will have access to the best teaching methods and techniques from schools in Russia.  These include the Ryabko, Vasiliev, Maksimtsov and Kadochnikova Systema schools, IZVOR, VOLK, Sistema Homoludens and Skobar all combined with scientific research to produce a must have read no matter what martial art you study.  


I want to show you how exercises from these schools can be combined to accelerate learning and to achieve unbelievable results.



You will have at your finger tips ready prepared lesson plans and the essential theory that will allow you to teach with confidence:


  • Defense from kicks from the floor
  • Striking
  • Strike absorption
  • Strike avoidance
  • Kick defense
  • Grappling and structure breaking
  • Stick / bat defense
  • Knife defense
  • Mass attack

Detailed lessons on the biomechanics of the Russian style, low acrobatics, striking and structure breaking will be yours so that you understand how systema works. 


Available in PDF format and viewable on mobile phone, tablet or computer. Buy this eBook now and start on your road to teaching excellence.


Get ahead of the other instructors and learn the secrets of the Russian instructors for only £25.99 and you will not be disappointed. 


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I guarantee that this manual will improve how you structure your classes or I will give your money back.



Recommendations and Endorsements

Here is what other instructors and students are saying….


Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual. A review by drs. Jan Bloem, M.Sc.


Combat Lab’s Paul Genge and I stepped into the Russian Martial Arts train around the same time. Since then we traveled together many times. In the more recent years we took many different roads and occasionally met each other during our quest for knowledge.

Paul and I share this hunger for knowledge. We saw that this knowledge was to be found in the Russian martial arts. But for some reason, the Russian masters did not tell or were not able to. We saw a lot of Russian experts who were able to do it, but not able to explain or just a piece of the puzzle.


The big problem was and is, that Russian masters scattered around with instructor certificates. Sometimes I personally think that there are more instructors then students!

However, a lot of these instructors just copied what the thought the saw with the Russian masters without true understanding of the theory behind the concepts and principles. And more over, they lacked specific instructional knowledge and skills. Being more or less good in executing techniques doesn’t make one suitable to be an instructor. 


It is more than time that the Systema/RMA community sees that there is actually a specific teaching methodology available. A teaching methodology that most Russian masters do not get themselves, often leaving their students in the dark. When you have to urge to teach, you need good insight in the theory behind the technique AND you need solid teaching skills.


The last two years Paul Genge researched the best possible sources he could find when it comes to tot he biomechanical theory behind the RMA and the best way to teach it. 


The result of this is Paul’s “Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual”. 


In this manual you will find biomechanical theory explaining the HOW and WHY of the Russian technique, instructional skills and even outlined lesson plans.


Paul did a monster job and I highly recommend the “Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual”, which offers a solid platform to start your journey of becoming a skilled Russian martial arts instructor. But in fact the manual is a must read for every (novice) martial arts instructor.


Drs. Jan Bloem, M.Sc.




‘You are the first person in the West to bring structure to RMA is such a way that everybody can understand.’


Michael VDW Lived and trained in Russia with many different schools for over a year.  He has close ties to the ROSS, IZVOR and cossack schools in Siberia.




‘Paul is the one and only Russian Martial artist in Europe who gives clues about RMA. He explains what some instructors don't. 


As most of us don't speak Russian, it's more easy to understand the science of RMA. He makes the bridge between Europe & Russia. From doing one seminar with him few months ago, I can say that his teaching allows me to rise some highlights on RMA. Thanks for your work Paul!’


Greg Seko is a member of Systema Gorilla in Paris, France.










‘Paul Genge has put together a very important resource. This book is a must for those coaching RMA, or really any other martial art. True to the Combat Lab ethos, Paul has combined his experiences as a coach and research into the learning sciences and created a blue print to help people in the art of instructing. 


This is not a collection of techniques but a way of presenting information to different learning styles and types of students. Highly recommended!’


Jason Swansonis Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks and has trained Russian Martial arts with a number of different schools including Sibirski Viun, VOLK, IZVOR and Systema.




’Training with, and learning from Paul is a great experience. He has extensively studied the science, theory and application of RMA, and other arts.


Pauls job in Law Enforcement has helped him to discover what works, and what doesn't.


He is a patient, skilled instructor. Paul's drills, and skill progressions help you to learn quicker, and understand the concepts better. He not only possesses the skills, he can also teach them'. 


Dave Reeman is a skilled Russian Body Worker, Systema instructor in the USA. He is also the first person from the West to live with Andrey Domovsky and study his health system with him.’




‘I've just downloaded the new Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual.Here is a bit of text for you, if it is too much waffle, let me know and i'll do something else.When is the UK book tour?good luck.


Paul is a great instructor to train with, he has both a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to share what he has learned through training with a variety of RMA schools. 


Having trained with him a number of times i have found his practical explanations a  great help in developing my own skills. In a very short space of time I have been able to understand concepts that just haven't sunk in through other training and I've managed to use his approach to remove the "mystery" from the things I've learnt, making it much easier to be consistent in application of techniques. 


I have found the Bio Mechanics Manual to be a great training tool and I am looking for to working my way through Paul's new Russian Martial Arts Instructor Manual to see what gems lie inside.’ 


Ian Holmes - UK Systema Vasiliev instructor in training.