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One of our intentions is to make this site an information and educational tool for our group.  Part of that process will be regular articles and video clips within our blog.  Articles will initially focus of three distinct areas of Combat Lab's development.  The first will look at approaches to teaching martial arts skills within the context of Russian Martial Arts and how to give students the greatest opportunity to learn from every lesson they attend.

The second topic will discuss various technical topics relating to Russian Martial Arts and will include some video instructional blogs.  These will be heavily influenced by the material of Systema Kadochnikova because of the various Systema schools I have studied with they have the most cohesive syllabus and theory to follow.  They are also the source of the theoretical knowledge behind most schools that profess to teach Systema.

The last area I will focus on relates to health and fitness.  This will have both the basic theoretical knowledge that I believe is important for all martial artists to understand and practical examples of how to apply it to make dramatic improvements in your health and martial arts performance. 

From time to time I will also include book and DVD reviews of any material I have found useful or relevant to martial arts studies or coaching.

Also check our seminar pages.  These will be kept up to date with Combat Lab training opportunities and seminars with instructors that we recommend.


2nd January 2015

We are now on Pinterest.  Please check out this amazing resource.



2nd September 2014

Combat Lab will be in Lausanne, Switzerland this weekend for our second seminar there this year.  We will be looking at the Russian Style of striking, structure breaking and introducing students to sparring within these frame works.


1st September 2014

Combat Lab Has Gone International

We can't fight it.  We have expanded our influence beyond the borders of our Russian Martial Arts Northwest name with downloads being sold internationally and three European seminars this year.  Next year there are also plans for a seminar in the USA too. 

For this reason we have changed our logo to Combat Lab Russian Martial Arts International.




15th February 2014

We now have a growing video library of really cheap video lessons shot at our regular classes.  These videos will allow you to feel like you are training alongside our students and see exactly how we work with the scientific principles of Systema and build them up to full speed and realistic methods of self defence.


10th October 2013

We have released a video download of our recent outdoor seminar showing how to train Systema at full speed.



For more information check out this article.


17th January 2013

Combat Lab are proud to announce our latest book on Russian Systema.  The Russian Systema Health System gives students both scientific and anecdotal information on the benefits of following the the Systema Health practices researched and developed by the Russian Masters.

8th October 2012

Our new ebook 'The Encyclopedia of Systema Drills' is now available for download from the Combat Lab Shop.


7th October 2012

I have just released a free Systema video lesson.  Learn how to use Systema to defend from stamps when you are on the floor.



20th September 2012

Our second video release on the topic of structure breaking has been released.  'The Principles of Disrupting Balance' looks at the theory of the triangle, 45 degrees and rotation in three planes and how they work together to allow seemingly effortless takedowns to be used in Systema.

To find out more about the Systema principles of disrupting balance click the image below.

18th September 2012

Combat Camp has been a massive success, but don't worry if you missed it because we shot some exciting material for future instructional downloads where you will feel like you are actually at the camp learning with us.

Also I would like to announce that Mr Sunny Lum has passed his instructor certification test.  Sunny is an amazing instructor and really puts his heart into his study of Systema with Combat Lab.  His testing has taken several months to complete and has involved him completing the structure breaking test, assessed teaching practice and finally the test in this clip.


As you can see Sunny more than deserves qualifying as an instructor.  In the last four years he has trained incredibly hard both with the Combat Lab headquarters and John Piprani's group in Old Trafford.

14th September 2012

Combat camp is one day away and it is not too late to get yourself there.  Register now.......  


25th August 2012

We have finally conquered technical issues and have released a PDF version of our book, "The Biomechanics of Structure Breaking in Russian Martial Arts."  

Download it direct from our servers for the amazing price of only £9.99.  


Based on Systema Kadchnikova, the teachings of Vladimir Vasiliev and Michael Ryabko's Systema, along with the work of Sistema Homoludens.

This manual provides martial arts students with a scientific principles used in Russian martial arts to effect balance and break structure of any opponent.  


Not only is the science explained, but through a series of detailed annotated photographs students get specific examples to practice.  Using this training methodology allows for each principle to be felt as well as academically understood.  This approach has been proved to increase learning speed even in students who are advanced or new to Systema.


  • No longer leave yourself guessing what you should do to break an opponent’s structure using the science of biomechanics. 
  • Learn how to find the different triangulation points of the body
  • Discover how the triangulation points effect the application of the 45 degree principle
  • Classification of levers and how they can be used to maximize the force or speed of your takedowns
  • Couples of paired forces and how they increase the torque of the opponents rotation
  • How to remove an opponent’s equilibrium with rotation in three planes
  • Learn how pressure to the correct points on the body can maximize the effects of your movements
  • You will find out how the side / side hypotenuse is used to remove the degrees of freedom in the fingers and wrists
  • The Question mark used to accumulate your opponent’s force with your own and gravity
  • Short locks and their application
  • Escapes from holds using the principles of mechanics and simple machines
  • You will learn the truth about working without contact

You can own this manual that is guaranteed to improve your Systema structure breaking.


Buy Now


The book is also available through the blurb site in ebook format for ipad / iphones and a 80 page full color, soft cover book.



Full color soft cover book £29.95 

ebook for Apple ibook £9.99



23rd August 2012

Combat Lab now have a newsletter.  Not only does it contain great information on the science of systema you will receive a free 30 minute MP4 that I guarantee will improve your systema punch. 

To sign up register on the top left hand side of our web pages.


5th August 2012


Our first Structure breaking DVD is out.  'Hard Clutch in attack / Soft Clutch in defence covers the first of the principles of structure breaking along with side / side hypotenuse, question mark and much more.



28th July 2012

Our Combat Lab facebook group has reached 200 members.  If you have not already joined the group you are missing out on scientific discussion on SYSTEMA and other associated topics.



24th June 2012

We are proud to announce a unique training event.  Combat Lab are hosting a residential 3 day Combat Camp at a training venue near Stockport, UK.  For full details click here.


19th June 2012

Our latest clip on working full speed against the knife has been uploaded to Youtube.



18th June 2012

Today we released our manual, 'The Biomechanics of Structure Breaking in Russian Martial Arts'.  This is in both ebook and printed formats.  

This book not only explains the principles involved, but gives students examples of their applications so that they can see and feel how they really work.



12th June 2012

We have uploaded a new clip on our video clip page.  Check it out.


7th June 2012

On Saturday the 23rd June we ran a successful introduction to Systema seminar at the Cornerstone fitness Centre in Hull.  Students both new to and experienced in studying Systema learnt the scientific principles that underpin both structure breaking and fighting from the floor against kicks.


1st June 2012

The new hoodies and Tshirts samples are now in the process of being trained in and washed to make sure they are up to the task before going on sale later this month. 

The Tshirts will retail at £22 and the hoodies £32.


29th May 2012

Today's outdoor seminar went ahead despite terrible weather conditions.  Despite this students did an amazing job of rising to the occassion and all made massive improvements in their understanding and application of the principles used in Systema structure breaking and stick defense.  Future seminars are in the pipeline so keep checking our seminar section on the site to see what we have planned.


10th May 2012

We are excited to announce that we have hosted our first intensive seminar for a foreign student at Combat Lab HQ.  This has been an unexpected development and one we intend to repeat.

Claire Petr from the Systema Libre School in France has just spent 15.5 hours spread over 3 days studying the biomechanics of structure breaking, low acrobatics and defense in a variety of situations using our unique approach to studying Russian Martial Arts. 

Previously Claire has studied Systema for approximately 4 years and has spent time studying with Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto and more recently Alexander Maksimtov of the Ukrainian Federation of Russian Martial Art.  She is hoping to soon open a school teaching Systema in the Dordogne and Limousin areas of France.