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Qualification of Instructors

Combat lab is considered by Russian Martial Arts Northwest as it's Instructor Training Centre. Students from Russian Martial Arts Northwest training groups who are identified as having potential will be offered a space at our unique small group classes. These sessions combine theoretical study and testing with instruction on teaching methods used by the group.

Instructors from other Martial Arts classes are also invited to attend our regular seminars to gain access to our method. Small group seminars and private training sessions can be arranged with Combat Lab HQ to cover topics of the student’s choice.

As with members of our instructor training group, when students who regularly attend these events are considered to be prepared to teach and run their own group, Combat Lab will forward them enquires from people requesting training in their area. This develops the students skill as an instructor and starts the process of moving beyond Combat Lab to form their own unique approach to Systema. To further help with this process students are encouraged to seek training with a number of Russian Martial Arts sources so that they can experience the teaching methods used by other instructors.

When the new instructor is considered to be fully prepared and they understand the nature of their own Systema they are asked to name it. This is a natural progression as there is no one approach to the training and teaching of Russian Martial Arts and we want to reflect that by each instructor having an name for what they teach that reflects there goals, interests and personality.  We liken the naming process to a coming of age for the instructor and their Systema.  Naming is an important responsibility and like naming a child is not taken lightly.  When this happens I feel it is important that  the Combat Lab community come together and celebrate the new addition to our group.

If you want more details about working towards your instructor certification through ourselves by attending our seminars or classes please send us an email introducing yourself.


Paul Genge