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Combat Lab seminar details

We run regular outdoor seminars in the Northwest and will teach at courses hosted by other groups when there is the demand.  If you want to either join our mailing list for seminars or host one on a topic of your choice please drop us an email.


Combat Lab Seminar Holland

Russian Style - Russian Style For Self Defence


In this seminar we will be focusing on using the methods of the Russian style as a practical method of self defence. 

Students will learn: 

  • How to use the scientific principles of systema structure breaking.
  • How to apply the principles of low acrobatics if pushed violently into a wall.
  • How to apply the principles that every school of the Russian Style are built on in a realistic manner.
  • Training methods from various schools of the Russian Style that will give you a route map to being able to use Systema when it really counts.
  • Defense from kicks, punches and holds.
  • A realistic approach to training knife defence including situational work.
  • Training methods used by Combat Lab classes to take any student and teach them how to work against greater resistance and speed no matter what level they are at.


Students will need.

Boxing gloves (Not MMA gloves)

Gum shields (There will be some contact and these can save an accident leading to unnecessary dental bills).

Training knife (hard training knives made of aluminium and a soft rubber knife for full speed work).

Safety goggles (It really is not worth risking your eye sight).

Date:  27/28/29th November 2015



Friday only €30.

1 day only €70.

2 days only €110. 

3 days only €140.


Register for this exciting event now.

Contact: Jean-pierre Peeters, / 31611032052