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IZVOR Summer Camp - Michael Grudev 


Chief IZVOR instructor Michail Grudev is returning to Riga, Latvia this year for the annual International Summer Camp.  He will be joined by other IZVOR certified instructors to provide what will be one of the most informative training opportunities this year in Europe.

Date of seminar: 2nd and 3rd July 2016.

Location: Riga, Latvia

Instructor: Michael Grudev


The Federation of the Russian martial art IZVOR invites you to attend a the International IZVOR seminar in the city of Riga. 


This seminar will only take place if sufficient numbers of students book on the course and secure their place through paying a deposit.  


We are planning to conduct a seminar on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2016 with the legendary IZVOR instructor Michael Grudev. This will be an incredible event with training taking place in a variety of settings including on a Baltic sea beach, in the forest, in the open field and a sports complex if the weather dictates it necessary. 


This will allow students to work in a variety of environments and to enjoy the natural beauty of Latvia in the company of like minded people. 

Previous seminars have had students from Holland, England, Greece, America, Russian and Bulgaria. 


This is what they said about previous seminars….


‘Once of these camps was my first exposure to IZVOR and it was amazing.  IZVOR takes the principles of the Russian style and uses them in a realistic manner. 


I cannot recommend this seminar too much.  Riga is stunning, the people friendly and fun to be with; and you are sure to enjoy every moment.’  


You will have structured training training, instruction from the best instructors available and the companionship from people interested in learning about this exciting martial art. 


Instructors from the IZVOR Russian Martial Art Federation will be on hand to help you get the most from this event and to provide one to one instruction throughout the seminar.


You will be provided with assistance organising your accommodation and travel from the hotel and the training venues. 


Language will not be an issue because the instructors are fluent in English. 


The program of the seminar includes:

  • Striking technique 
  • Grappling technique 
  • Defence against armed opponents 
  • Fighting against multiple opponents 
  • Utilising makeshift weapons 
  • Philological preparation for combat
  • Working in water 
  • Working with weapons (Including improvised weapons, knives firearm and belt)



The methods of teaching are based upon the principals of the martial art “IZVOR”. 


You can pre-register for the seminar by pre-paying 30 Euro to the account: LV47HABA0551032317728



p/k: 170570-14667

the purpose of payment to specify - IZVOR.

The total cost of the seminar is 120 Euro.


For more information contact Rob Ivanov who is organising the event.  


Russian Martial Art Summer Camp (Rob Ivanov)



Location: Riga

Date:23 to 26th June 2016

My good friend Rob Ivanov is running one of is Russian Martial Arts Sports Camps in Riga, Latvia. Having spent quite a bit of time training with Rob and his students this would be a really great opportunity to train with one of Michael Grudev's longstanding students.

I can say that both Sunny Lum learnt a lot about IZVOR from training with Rob. His guidance and instruction really accelerated our understanding of the principles of the school and the training methods that they use. Please do me a favour and spread this event it will be a good one.

For full details of this camp check out this link.