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Please take time to read our articles and view the videos attached to them.  They cover topics I that have found of interest during my personal journey with martial arts.  The opinions in them are my own, but where I have used external sources of information I have given credit to those sources.


Systema Basics

The principles of movement

Beating a larger opponent

The laws of human survival

Systema footwork part 1 - The Square step

Systema Square Step Application

Releasing Grips Using the Systema Method 1 Movement

The Wave

Using The Systema Principle 'Angled Plane' To Deflect A Stamp On The Floor

Using The Systema Principle 'Angled Plane' To Deflect A Roundhouse Kick

Question from our facebook group

Why Understand The Science Of Systema 

An Interesting Systema Movement To Use Against Kicks

RMA Principles Applied To The Clinch


Systema Low Acrobatics

Principles of low acrobatics

Low acrobatics part 2

Low acrobatics part 3 

Offensive Low Acrobatics - 'The Ape Step' and 'Undercuts'

What Is The Systema Position Safe?

Systema Offensive Low Acrobatics - The Bicycle

Attacking the knee from the Systema position safe position with the bicycle movement

Using Systema Position Safe To Defend Yourself

Systema Low Acrobatics - Rolling Backwards Off A Log Or Bench

Systema Low Acrobatics - Rolling Backwards Off A Picnic Bench

Systema Low Acrobatics - Rolling Forwards Over A Picnic Bench

Systema Wall Work

Movement And Low Acrobatic Sessions


Systema Striking

Force Generation

The physics of striking in Systema

Exercises for a fuller fist

Learning Ryabko Systema Punches 

The Systema Trinity Strike

Using The Systema Slap Pre-emptively

Systema Stick Work 

IZVOR Wrestling Principle

Using The Hips To Drive Offensive And Defensive Movements

Moving The Point Of Support


Systema Health and Conditioning

Kettlebell Exercise For Systema Power Generation And Movement

You Want To Get Strong?

Systema Massage And Performance

Systema Cold Water Dousing

Systema Massage

Systema Massage Contra-indications

Nutrition the missing ingredient

Eating for weight loss

Life beyond diet - How to maintain weight loss


Strong to the core

Neck exercises

Strength in 3 planes – I introduce you to the Slosh Tube

Systema Mind Games

Systema Mind Games 2

Log Training


Systema Seminar Reviews

Alexander Maksimtsov Systema Seminar 9th November 2012

Alexander Maksimtsov Systema Seminar 10th November 2012

Alexander Maksimtsov Systema Seminar 11th November 2012

Combat Camp 2012 - Learning the language of Systema

Day one - IZVOR Riga 2013

Day two - IZVOR Riga 2013

Day three - IZVOR Riga 2013

Day four - IZVOR Riga 2013

Day one IZVOR Seminar Holland 2013

Day two IZVOR Seminar Holland 2013

Sistema Homoluden London 2013 Day One

Sistema Homoluden London 2013 Day Two

Sistema Homoluden London 2013 Day Three


Training Methods 

Using Music In Your Systema Training

Why Is Training Outside So Important?

Systema Critical Thinking

A Dirty Little Word

Do syllabuses have a place in Russian martial arts?

A question of Speed

Russian martial arts and accelerated learning

The great combat art verses combat sport debate

Learning styles

Shooting for the moon

A New Systema Drill is Born

Systema Decision Making - How To Train Fast And Keep It Safe

Cross Traiing Systema For Traditional Martial Artists

Cross Training Other Arts For Students of Systema

Systema Testing The Possible To Find The Probable

Learning To Act First

Combat Lab Sparring

Drunkard and Pillar Drill

Knife Sparring

Knife Defence

Are You A Selfish Systema Lover?

Pressure Testing Or PRessure Based Training?


Systema For Life

Systema Goal Setting For The New Year and Beyond

Learning to Operate Your Own Life

Knowing where you're going


The History and Development Of Systema and Combat Lab

Interview with Systema Instructor Alexander Maksimtsov

What is Russian Martial Arts?

Aleksey Kadochnikov

What is Combat Lab and Russian Martial Arts Northwest?

Training History of Paul Genge

Interview With IZVOR Instructor Michael Grudev