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Training History of Paul Genge


Paul Genge has studied martial arts since the age of 11. This has taken him around the world and exposed him to a variety of martial styles and teaching methods.

Having studied Judo and Aikido during his early teenage years he then moved on to study Bujinkan Taijutsu with the leading UK instructors and at the Japanese Hombu Dojo in Noda, Japan. In 1995 he received his full teaching license when he passed the 5th dan test administered by the art’s headmaster Maasaki Hatsumi.

He was first exposed to the Russian Martial Art, Systema, in 1999 and he was one of the first people from the UK to travel to Toronto to train with Vladimir Vasiliev at the International System Headquarters for 6 ½ weeks. He made a second trip to Toronto in 2001 before visiting visiting the Moscow HQ to train with Vladimir Vasiliev's instructor, Mikhail Ryabko and other senior instructors from that school. On this trip the training progressions and methodology of this Systema school were studied.



During a second trip to Moscow Paul spent time studying Ryabko's unique approach to punching and a variety of other material including knife defence and fighting from the floor against kicks.

Paul's study of this combat method was furthered by trips to East Germany to train with Sergei Oschereljew at the 1st European summer camp and attendance at the majority of UK based seminars taught by many of the leading names from Russia.

From 2000 until 2010 Paul was one of the lead Vasiliev and Ryabko Systema instructors in the UK and during this period he trained at seminars taught by the following Russian Systema instructors: Michael Ryabko, Vladimir Vasiliev, Valentine Talenov, Valentine Vasiliev, Konstantine Komorov, Sergei Borschev, Sergei Oschereljew and Daniel Ryabko.

In 2008 Paul started to study Sistema Homoludens Integrated Martial Art with his friend and founder of the style Alex Kostic. At his annual training above the clouds seminar in Serbia Paul was exposed to the low acrobatics material from the Kadochnikov school and a methodical approach to structure breaking.

Further trips to train with Alex in Germany and Frankfurt exposed Paul to other elements of Alex's martial art, which is based on the principles of Kadochnikov military system, Storm fighting, ROSS, Vasiliev Systema, traditional Russian fist fighting, Krav Maga and MMA.  These included fist fighting and full contact testing using a range of protective equipment.

It was during one of these trips to train with Alex Kostic at the Fighter Fitness School in Frankfurt that Paul first trained Brazilian Juijitsu with black belt, Bjorn Friedrich. On his return to the UK he trained at a number of MMA and BJJ gyms in the Manchester area to develop his grappling skills. Paul now studies with and competes for the Factory BJJ gym in Reddish, Stockport.

Paul had already trained in 2000 with Nick Woolley who was the first UK student to study with Aleksey Kadochnikov in Russia, but wanted to improve his knowledge of the biomechanical theory behind Russian Martial Arts.  

He has sought further training in this style by attending a number of seminars and private lessons with the head of the Ukrainian branch of the school, Alexander Maksimtsov. Paul is now a member of the Federation of Russian Martial Art and continuing to study the Systema Kadochnikova under his instruction.

To learn more about applying Systema Principles full speed Paul has become the first UK Systema instructor to Study IZVOR under Michael Grudev. This schools ideas have deeply effected the way that Combat Lab trains the Russian Style.  Paul has trained for the last year with this school and uses their training methods with the permission of Michael Grudev.  

Combat Lab helped organise the first International IZVOR Summer Camp in Riga, Latvia and looks forward to assisting in the organisation of future events as well as continuing our close ties with Michael Grudev and his instructors.  This includes cooperation with Rob IVANOV of the Combat and Self Defence Club and Sergey Zhukov from the T.S.A. Training Centre in Riga.



To develop his knowledge of fitness training techniques Paul continues to study material in this field and has qualified as an Extreme Kettle Bell instructor with Optimal Life Fitness and is a qualified fitness instructor.  




Paul is also a qualified practitioner of the Austin technique of hypnosis, which gives him some unique tools to speed up learning and help students with their understanding of the psychological dimension of combat.

He has experience of training with MMA and Reality Based Self Defence schools and has taught seminars for a variety of martial arts clubs interested in Russian Martial Arts and their unique approach to training. 

Paul is the founder of ‘Combat Lab’ and Russian Martial Arts Northwest.  He is the author of the training manual 'Structure breaking in Russian martial arts.'