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Systema seminar series

Fighting From The Ground Seminar Series


Don't Be A Statistic - Survive The Floor



Learn to fight from the floor in this amazing 2 part video series shot at Combat Lab seminars in the UK.  


When the Gracies said that every fight goes to the floor, they were not far from the truth, but they didn't say that every fight on the floor is not a grappling match.


Everyday people are violently kicked to death and yet there is a method that can keep you safe.


I want to teach you what has allowed one of my own Systema students to fight off multiple attackers once he had already hit the floor.


Learn to move safely and efficiently on the floor and to cross objects using Low Acrobatics.



Learn to use the scientific principles of Russian Systema     defend yourself from kicks and stamps.



Learn how to combine movement and principles to maximum your chances of survival.



This is over 2 hours 50 minutes of video footage shot that was filmed at both the 2012 Combat Camp and the Combat Lab Systema Introduction Seminar in Hull.  


This package is the very definition of value for money at only £10 for the video download.  


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Knife Defence Basics and Beyond


Taken from the Combat Lab video archives this DVD shows a complete progression from basic Ryabko / Vasiliev Systema drills, through to freeplay and situational training methods.  Running time 1 hour 28 minutes.

  • Learn the difference from self defence and skill development drills
  • Learn to fight back when your back is literally against the wall
  • Learn to use mechanics to overcome physical strength
  • Learn to integrate pre-emptive strikes with your structure breaking
  • Learn how verbal communication  needs to be developed like any other defensive skill
  • Learn to survive being attacked with a knife on the floor
  • Learn to turn you opponent's knife on them in the most dangerous of situations
  • Learn to equalise any situation by using improvised weapons



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For those of you who have an ipad we have created a file optimised for that product that can be downloaded, for only £19.99, by clicking the buy now button below.


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