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Structure Breaking Package Deal

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Systema Book 1 - 'The Biomechanics Of Structure Breaking In Russian Martial Arts'


Based on Systema Kadchnikova, the teachings of Vladimir Vasiliev and Michael Ryabko's Systema, along with the work of Sistema Homoludens.

This manual provides martial arts students with a scientific principles used in Russian martial arts to effect balance and break structure of any opponent.  


Not only is the science explained, but through a series of detailed annotated photographs students get specific examples to practice.  Using this training methodology allows for each principle to be felt as well as academically understood. 

This approach has been proved to increase learning speed even in students who are advanced or new to Systema.


  • No longer leave yourself guessing what you should do to break an opponent’s structure using the science of biomechanics. 
  • Learn how to find the different triangulation points of the body
  • Discover how the triangulation points effect the application of the 45 degree principle
  • Classification of levers and how they can be used to maximise the force or speed of your takedowns
  • Couples of paired forces and how they increase the torque of the opponents rotation
  • How to remove an opponent’s equilibrium with rotation in three planes
  • Learn how pressure to the correct points on the body can maximise the effects of your movements
  • You will find out how the side / side hypotenuse is used to remove the degrees of freedom in the fingers and wrists
  • The Question mark used to accumulate your opponent’s force with your own and gravity
  • Short locks and their application
  • Escapes from holds using the principles of mechanics and simple machines
  • You will learn the truth about working without contact


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Systema Structure Breaking Disc 1 - Hard Clutch in Attack / Soft Clutch in Defense



In the first of this series the first of the principles used in structure breaking taught by Systema Kadochnikova is taught along with its opposite soft clutch.  

Remember that no matter what style of Systema you study the principles are universal.

  • You will no longer left guessing why a takedown did or did not work
  • You will see clear demonstrations and hear scientific explanations of all material taught
  • You will lean how to establish Hard Clutch
  • You will learn the training method used to practice this principle
  • You will learn to use the side / side hypotenuse principle to remove the degrees of freedom from the fingers, wrist and shoulder. 
  • You will learn how to prevent your opponent controlling your center of mass
  • You will learn how to escape wrist locks using simple movements
  • You will see how the Question Mark principle can be used to escape arm locks
  • You will learn methods of escaping bear hugs and chokes from the rear that really do work



This video lesson download is available in a .zip compressed file containing in a MP4 format for  the incredible price of £14.99.


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Systema Structure Breaking Disc 2 - The Principles Of Disrupting Balance

In the second in our series of video downloads on Systema structure breaking you will learn exactly how to unbalance an opponent using scientifically verifiable principles.  Shot at our first residential Combat Camp this series of lessons will teach you everything you need to know on the principles of triangle, 45 degrees and rotation in three planes.


  • You will be able to identify points of support
  • You will be able to identify the triangles they create 
  • You will be able to use minimum amounts of force to perform effortless takedown
  • You will understand the relationship between the triangle and the principles of 45 degrees
  • You will get specific examples of both principles to try so that you get a kinesthetic feel for performing each principle
  • You will learn of the three planes of movement
  • You will learn how the combination of three simple movements will cause an opponent to collapse
  • You will learn how to literally screw your attacker into the ground
  • You will learn how couples allow us to overcome stronger resisting attackers


This amazing series of lessons is available as a compressed (WinRAR) MP4 download of only £17.99.



Free Seminar Footage - Knife Defence Basics and Beyond

Taken from the Combat Lab video archives this DVD shows a complete progression from basic Ryabko / Vasiliev Systema drills, through to freeplay and situational training methods.  Running time 1 hour 28 minutes.

  • Learn the difference from self defence and skill development drills
  • Learn to fight back when your back is literally against the wall
  • Learn to use mechanics to overcome physical strength
  • Learn to integrate pre-emptive strikes with your structure breaking
  • Learn how verbal communication  needs to be developed like any other defensive skill
  • Learn to survive being attacked with a knife on the floor
  • Learn to turn you opponent's knife on them in the most dangerous of situations
  • Learn to equalise any situation by using improvised weapons


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This product is a secure compressed MP4 file  and usually retails for £19.99, BUT YOU WILL GET IT COMPLETELY FREE WHEN YOU BUY THIS PACKAGE.