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Train Fast Fight Fast Video

Learn To Use Systema Full Speed 


When you learn to drive a car you start at slow speeds around a carpark until you have the basic control needed to drive on the roads.  Systema is the same as this and yet many seem to be happy driving around that carpark 10 years later.  This video is aimed at getting you on the road as quick as possible and arming you with a training method that produces very real results fast.

You will learn how to use Systema at real world speeds using the combined methods of the different Russian Martial Arts Schools including IZVOR, Systema Ryabko and Systema Kadochnikova as taught by Combat Lab.  

Many of the students on the video have little or no Systema experience and yet you will see them learning in one day how to use Systema against FAST ATTACKS.

You will learn:

  • Scientific Principles of Structure Breaking and Movement That Work At Real Speeds And Resistance
  • The Different Stances Used In Russian Martial Arts 
  • How To Work From A Conversational Stance
  • The Stance That IZVOR Developed For Full Speed Combat
  • Effective Use Of The Angled Plane To Deflect Strikes
  • How To Prepare The Body For Fast Work
  • Methods For Getting Weapons On Target As Before Your Opponent Can React
  • What To Do When Attacked Full Speed With A Sucker Punch
  • How To Defend Yourself Full Speed Against An Armed Attacker Armed  With A Bat
  • Use Of The Internal Pendulum And Increase In Its Amplitude To Respond To Any Attack



This video download is over 1 hour 20 minutes long and full of action packed instruction that will revolutionize how you view Systema training

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This is a short clip of instructors and students taken from the video working full speed against realistic attacks.  

You too could learn how to do this and take your systema to the next level.



You can quickly learn training methods and combined from three different Russian sources and structured in a way that will guarentee the effectiveness of you Systema will improve by following the information you will learn.

This is all for the amazing price of £19.99 and CAN BE YOURS NOW!


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