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Michael Grudev

  • Served in both the Russian Special Airborne Assault Reconnaissance Brigade and the Special  Airborne Assault Brigade where he studied Hand to Hand Combat and other military skills.
  • Left the Russian Army in 1992.
  • Studied and competed in San Da, Tai Chi and a few other Chinese martial art disciplines.
  • Started study of Russian Martial Arts 1994.
  • Originally studied under Alexander Lebedev and has since studied many other Russian Martial Arts Schools including Systema Kadochnikova, ROSS and Ryabko Systema.
  • Instructor for the Alpha Prestige Security Company.
  • Has obtained real world experience within the security industry.
  • 15 years instructing experience.
  • Chairman of the Federation Council of Russian Martial Art Minstinsky-tveretskoy tradition 'IZVOR'

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