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Combat Lab Online Classes

Affordable Online Scientific Self Defence Training

The clips I release on YouTube are a snap shot of how we train and the approach we take to teaching fast, effective self defence using the principles of the Russian Martial Art often called Systema.  Unfortunately due to their very nature they are disjointed and do not give the viewer the progression of drills and information that led to that point or where the class was heading from that point.


So that I can put that right I will be releasing a series of inexpensive and regular video downloads from Combat Lab classes that will allow you to learn as the students in our classes learn. 


You can feel like you are in the class



This is the Next Best Thing To Attending Class.  Get involved now and become part of the Combat Lab training revolution.


You too can learn alongside Combat Lab students to defend yourself using the scientific principles of Russian Systema in this unique video library.


Constantly expanding this video series will teach you everything you want to know about training Russian Systema for self defence. 



 Learn alongside other Combat Lab students




 Learn to use the scientific principles of Russian Systema



 Learn how to structure your lessons for accelerated   




 Learn to use Systema at real world speeds




 Learn to defend yourself effectively and efficiently


 Learn unique drills and full speed training methods 



These video lessons Are available for the cost of attending lessons at our HQ. 


That is right you can own a copy of the lesson and study from it for only £7.


So why not check out our new Systema lesson video library and start learning right now.