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Lesson 1 - Knife Defence When Thrown Violently Into A Wall.

Escaping The Ambush

Attackers set up there attacks to disorientate their victims. 

In this video class Combat Lab students learn how to defend themselves when a knife wielding attacker tries to throw them into a wall and then violently stab them.

You will feel like you are training alongside Combat Lab students.

You also get an additional lesson on using low acrobatics to fall into a wall safely no matter how hard you are thrown into it.








Learn To Apply The Principles Of Low Acrobatics To Safely Absorb Any Impact With A Wall


Learn To Speed Up Your Response By Limiting Movements


Learn To Use Proximity To Increase The Speed Of Your Response 


Learn To Use Striking To Disorientate Your Attacker


Learn Drills That Teach You How To Seize Back The Initiative And Go On The Offensive


Learn How Slow Drills Lead On To Full Speed Situational Training





This 1hour 17 minute long Video Class is available for only £7 and comes in quicktime format that can be played on both Apple Mac and Windows based computers using the free quicktime player available here.



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