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Structure Breaking Manual

Systema Book 1 - 'The Biomechanics Of Structure Breaking In Russian Martial Arts'


Based on Systema Kadchnikova, the teachings of Vladimir Vasiliev and Michael Ryabko's Systema, along with the work of Sistema Homoludens.

This manual provides martial arts students with a scientific principles used in Russian martial arts to effect balance and break structure of any opponent.  


Not only is the science explained, but through a series of detailed annotated photographs students get specific examples to practice.  Using this training methodology allows for each principle to be felt as well as academically understood.  This approach has been proved to increase learning speed even in students who are advanced or new to Systema.


  • No longer leave yourself guessing what you should do to break an opponent’s structure using the science of biomechanics. 
  • Learn how to find the different triangulation points of the body
  • Discover how the triangulation points effect the application of the 45 degree principle
  • Classification of levers and how they can be used to maximise the force or speed of your takedowns
  • Couples of paired forces and how they increase the torque of the opponents rotation
  • How to remove an opponent’s equilibrium with rotation in three planes
  • Learn how pressure to the correct points on the body can maximise the effects of your movements
  • You will find out how the side / side hypotenuse is used to remove the degrees of freedom in the fingers and wrists
  • The Question mark used to accumulate your opponent’s force with your own and gravity
  • Short locks and their application
  • Escapes from holds using the principles of mechanics and simple machines
  • You will learn the truth about working without contact


The book is available through the blurb site in ebook format for ipad and iphones and a 80 page full colour, soft cover book.



Full colour soft cover book £29.95 

ebook for Apple ibook £9.99

The manual can also be brought direct from Combat Lab as a PDF download suitable for android phones and your PC.  

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Feedback on the book


Keith Whatley

"I also just finished the Structure Breaking book and it is a VERY good resource.

I have done a LOT of research, study and practice and with the advice of several people in this group, I have made some great discoveries and gains. Almost all of them happen to be laid out in this book in a clear and concise manner that will demystify many Systema concepts. I learned several things I didn't know and deepened my understanding of the concepts I already discovered in addition to gaining a way to effectively convey these concepts to my group. Paul manages a great deal of content and information without being too wordy or worse yet using pseudo-scientific explanations.

I can't recommend the book enough to any RMA practioner as well as other matial artists.

Well done Paul!"


Vance Gatlin II

I finished the Systema biomechanics book, it's worth the 15$ I paid for the E-Book. I can now watch Systema DVDs and clips with a much better understanding. And my wife has agreed to help me practice, and practice the principles on me."


Jason Swanson 

"Received a copy of your book yesterday. Great work, Paul. What a wonderful resource you have put together!"


Joseph Townley

"Fantastic book thanks."


Elie Edme

"Just finished to read your book...A wonderful tool to all people involved in Systema or curious about biomechanics. Thanks Paul for putting all the info together!"


Tom Campbell

"It is a really goof piece of work, Paul. I've got a friend who teaches BJJ taking a look at it--he's always had great respect for Kadochnikov's approach, but had never seen any aspect of it set forth in any detail in English"


Emlyn Phillips

"Came back from work to find that my book had arrived! Looked very interesting on a first pass, but has a systema class to get to..."