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Systema Health System

Learn the Secrets of The Russian Masters

When I first started to study Systema in 1999 many of the students carried out various practices such as dousing and fasting as part of the greater goal of Systema, to produce a stronger and healthier student. 

I was later to find out that many of these powerful healing methods were being practiced by over 100000 people world wide and that they too were amazed by the benefits they gained from them.

As the Systema Kadochnikova instructor Alexander Maksimtsov points out, 'If a combat system of men’s preparation doesn't have a sense of practical health for those who use the drills, than it’s not a perfect one.'

Systema and its instructors know this and have invested many hours on research and development of methods to promote health and improve your life.


The goal of this book is to discuss the various aspects of the Russian Health System and provide both scientific and anecdotal evidence of it benefits.

These simple ideas can massively boost your health and well being.  

In the Russian Systema Health System eBook you will learn:

  • The power of cold water dousing and how there is scientific evidence that it boosts your immune system.
  • The different types of dousing and how dousing helped me through an asthma attack.
  • The historical source of dousing in Vasiliev Systema.
  • The proper method of fasting as recommended by Vladimir Vasiliev and some other varieties of fast that offer amazing health benefits including weight loss and how it can prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.
  • How to fast and why fasting is good for your brain.
  • Joint mobility exercises designed to promote natural movement and how these are linked to breath.
  • Burst breathing from Systema Ryabko will be de-mystified with an explanation of its mechanics that I got from Konstantine Komorov.
  • How Systema teaches you to order the priorities in your life.
  • How the ability to operate your life is the ultimate goal of Systema.
  • The correct method of taking a Russian steam bath and how it can revitalize the system.
  • The benefits of the Russian massage techniques and how to perform them safely.
  • When and when it is not safe to carry out massage.
  • Methods of increasing the mobility in the back when you do not have  training partner available.

All this information and much more is available for the small investment of £15.99. (This comes as a pdf download compressed in .zip format)


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