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The Figure 8

Learn The Essence Of Systema Movement


Learn the most basic component of Systema movement.  The figure eight is the movement pattern that creates constant and ever changing movement.  It is essential to all areas of Systema and the very foundation everything else is built.


It this 3 part series of video downloads you will learn.


  • How to apply the Basic principles of changing direction without stopping through the figure eight and semicircle.


  • How the figure eight can be broken down into methods 1,2 and 3.


  • How footwork allows you to change direction without stopping your centre mass from moving.


  • How the figure eight deflects punches and kicks.


  • How continual movement makes the deflection of any attack turn into an immediate counter attack.


  • How to generate powerful strikes from the figure eight movement.


  • How to work at full speed with this simple principle.


For £13.99 you will get 1 hour 46 of detailed video instruction unlike anything else available in English.  




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